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This topic is: What items would you include on "The Best List of Supplies" for a 24 hour event?

Thoughts in this topic

Name: Miguel Zapato
Date: Tue, Sep 09, 2008, 11:24:16
Just did 24 at 7-Springs what a Blast! I was only guy in the team who got any sleep... which is VERY important.. my secret: FOAM EARPLUGS + EARCUPS (like you find at Home Depot for use with a gas trimmer). Yeah they smashed my head a bit, but there was a Ted Nugent Concert next to the camping area and I snored through it, was able to go right to sleep though it was before my usual bed time. Also, eat bland foods... pasta, oatmeal, pancakes... you don't want an upset stomach before or during a killer ride. Sleep and tuna pasta rules!

Name: rj
Date: Sun, Jun 29, 2008, 14:51:13
was wondering about the pros and cons of a camelback during a race. last year i raced moab with a camelback, but noticed many of the (what i thought to be) soloists were going with 2 water bottles and a small under-saddle mounted pack. clearly one can fit more gear in a larger sized camelback, but at what point is it overkill? and what do most soloists choose to carry each lap?

Name: King woody
Date: Wed, Mar 08, 2006, 19:22:28
Beer and asprin...

Name: jeff
Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2005, 10:50:15
Honda eu1000 or eu2000 generator. You'll have power to run lights, charge batteries, and whatever else you need. It's sooooo quiet you won't disturb anyone. I get thanked by my neighbors for having such a quiet generator. The heat from the engine is blown out the back and down so we also use it as a clothes dryer. There's nothing nicer than having a dry, warm pair of shorts to put on at 3 am.

Other items:
radiant heater for 20lb propane tank
dual burner propane stove
someone to cook and CLEAN
bike stand
extra bike
fan (if it's hot)
ez-up shelter
trash bags
bacon (yum!)
baby wipes

Name: Greg Martin
Date: Thu, Oct 07, 2004, 15:05:19
if it\'s sure to bring your extra $20 per person (racing or not) for the \"camping fee\"... Even you solos who have already paid $300 and won\'t even be camping...

Name: Jerry Bourck
Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2004, 02:38:47
Here's a checklist for you all. Use at your own risk - you're responsible for yourself!

0- Insect repellant
0- Each person should perhaps bring a good size bowl of a dish that can be prepared at home and served in the field. Throw it in a cooler. Examples are pasta salad, tuna pasta salad, Chili, other..... This stuff can be eaten after each lap to replenish energy.
0- Pain killers (ibuprofen, etc...)
0- Personal Medication
0- Sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, etc...
0- Toothbrush, soap, shampoo, other toiletteries, etc...
0- Special foods or favorite diet stuff (vegitarians, or lactose intolerant for example.
0- Powerbars, gels, energy drinks / Mix... - to each his/her own.
0- A 5 gallon dispenser acting as a cummunity "Gatorade" well.
0- Cash and Credit
0- Special bike repair tools. Lubes that you use.
0- Most basic tools including a stand.
0- Separate mesh work tent. Can be used for spinner in the rain, and to work on bikes in the rain or away from bugs.
0- Rebuild / tighten / clean / lube of your bike.
0- Batteries for flashlights, MP3 players, etc...
0- Camera(s), Radios, etc...
0- Mini propane canisters for BBQ or lanterns.
0- Night riding lighting hardware.
0- Plenty of changes of clothing.
0- Garbage bag for your dirty clothes.
0- Spinner and bike for warm-up. The pedals should be combo flat/SPD compatible pedals.
0- Communication Radios.
0- Dish, Cable, and Receiver. (Our team likes to rough it by watching OLN).
0- Beer, wine, spirits. Have fun. be responsible, not stooopid!
0- Mix for the above.
0- Vitamins.
0- Tires, tubes, derailleur hangers...
0- Raingear for riding and just hanging.
0- Sweatshirt / pants if it gets cool.
0- Leg warmers, arm warmers for the same reason - a cold night ride is distracting, and protection for your skin in a fall at night.
0- Towel(s)
0- a "GOOD" First Aid kit with stuff you buy separately to fill it.
0- Bottled water - better too much than too little.
0- Website for the resort directions is the phone number is 1877-441-4FUN. Be sure you know how to get there before you leave home.
0- Emergency numbers to your family to contact you.

Some grocery thoughs...
-canned soups
-pasta & sauce
-salami and crackers
-eggs & bacon
-burgers, sausage, buns
-paper plates, cups
-decongestant (altitudes affect people differently)
-Kraft Dinner (of course)
-Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, granola...
-Bread & Margarine / Butter

You can always bring it back home, but it's a real pain to fall short.

Good luck.

Name: Brent
Email: Not Available
Date: Mon, Apr 26, 2004, 13:15:18
Things for your bike. A PROFESSIONAL TUNE-UP WITH NEW CABLES AND HOUSING. Any spare parts in the garage and if possible a spare bike for your team to canabalize if needed.

Name: riley
Date: Sat, Sep 27, 2003, 12:55:36
after reading some of the different skull sessions, i am wondering what is recommended for moab due to the changes in weather? is heat, hail or snow a real factor, and if so, what is the ideal gear, for both rider and bike, for these changes?

Name: frank
Date: Sat, May 24, 2003, 00:14:40
Pepcid AC- as you will tend to over eat.
flat pedals-other styles are dangerous on the gnarly singletrack
trail running shoes
A good attitude towards others and yourself.Think of those who are unable to even dress or feed themselves.....let alone ride a bike.
be proud and help others in trouble.

Name: dave
Date: Sun, May 18, 2003, 20:50:01
HID light with two batteries

Name: heather
Date: Mon, Jul 08, 2002, 14:40:37
just raced the 24 hrs of snow shoe..I double flatted on my night lap....I would say that the piece of equipment that I most wanted to kiss was the petzl headlamp that I tossed in my camelbak...I used it and it saved my other lights for the ride.....

Name: Pneumoped
Date: Thu, May 30, 2002, 12:25:23
1. Lighting Gear - Make sure you have two sets of lighting gear per person (helmet mount is most important) and a handlebar set. Also make sure you have one spare battery. I know it is expencive, but we borrowed lights from Light and Motion and they were supposed to recharge them for us and they were totally unprepared and our borrowed helmet lights went out within a mile on our second night laps and it was a real bummer. Night Rider, however, came through and had our personally owned light batteries good and charged. Hat's off to Night Rider (I'll forever buy your products).

2. Chicken broth (or bullion cubes). A nice hot salty drink after your lap is just what I needed to get keep me hydrated and make me hungry enough to eat what I needed after the race.

3. Ultimate Protien/Carbo Burritos. Using the USDA's nutrition charts, we formulated the perfect combination of rice, refried beans, tortilla and cheese to fullfill the 4 to 1 Carbs to Protien ratio that is recomended by the book Optimum Muscle Recovery by Edmund Burke. We chowed on these inbetween laps and it gave us the fumigating advantage on the track.

4. A good stove. We had this coleman stove that ran off of a BBQ gill gas tank. It boiled water in I'm sure less than 30 seconds. It was so worth it to have hot stuff to drink and eat.

Name: David Genter
Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2002, 10:14:23
1) Eat foods that will be able to be digested easily. If you have a lot of heavy food in your stomach, you will be wasting energy.

2) Constantly drink energy replacement fluids.

3) If you do have problems at the race, don't take it out on the volunteers, They are there to help run this event for us so we can have 24hrs of fun.

Relax and have fun, this is one big party.

Name: Henk
Date: Sat, Mar 16, 2002, 07:18:17
Bring Ear plugs. Bring the foam insert kind and bring the big construction worker kind. You will be trying to sleep when someone is racing or pumped up after racing. There is a lot of noise around the campsite.

Name: John N. Berning
Date: Fri, Jan 18, 2002, 17:28:18
Home-made KY. BROWNIES... + coffee.Good for the soul with-out all the ^profile of a b*ng. Your favorite drink supplemented with plenty of H2O. Headlamp for cooking, working around camp, plenty of towles, work stand if possible. SMILE ALOT...

Date: Fri, Aug 03, 2001, 18:06:52
Do NOT bring foods that you have not tried before. A buddy of mine choked down a caffine drink that he hadn't used before and suffered with cramps all night long.

Name: Brian Archer
Date: Mon, May 21, 2001, 07:34:11
A&D ointment. Smear it on your bottom before each lap. Trust me, it prevents West Virginia ass clabber from setting in.
Also, a good attitude helps, you are not the only one who is going to suffer.
The course can be evil in places but everyone has to ride it. Be positive.
This race is as much mental as it is physical.

Name: Face
Date: Mon, May 07, 2001, 22:43:50
A GOOD COOK, who is willing to forgo sleep and fill the team's bellies. This made the horror of last year's course much more bearable.

Also, make sure you have dry clothes for each lap--putting on freezing cold jersies and shorts at 3:30am does not put you in a good mindset for your upcoming 2hr HIKE (I mean RIDE of course!)

Name: Leigh Druckenmiller
Date: Thu, May 03, 2001, 13:23:41
1 Keg of Micro Brew, lots of good food, a little bit of green tequila.
Also, an extra fully functional bike - just in case your teammates don't want to part with theirs.

Name: nate
Date: Fri, Apr 06, 2001, 00:26:39
1) bring extra cash. if you break an shifter or what-not, you will have to upgrade to a 9 speed drivetrain. they do not have 8 speed goodies for some strage reason, i know for fact...

2) lots of gu's, met-rx bars, etc... you simply cannot ride fast and hard without energy.

3) a masseuse and sports cream. oh yea. if you don't hurt, you didn't ride hard enough.

4) your favorite pillow and blanket for the periods between laps. (supplements to line 3)

5) a camera, camcorder, extra film, whatever. you will have so much fun here, it would be a shame not to have some kind of pics...

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