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This topic is: How do you organize your support crew?

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Name: Jason
Date: Fri, Sep 07, 2007, 19:23:36
Lots of clean, dry cloths. Shower after each lap. And.....big air mattress. Nothing helps you go fast like proper rest (and of course nutrition)....

Name: Rover Mark
Email: Not Available
Date: Mon, Oct 10, 2005, 15:42:19
All you need is a can of GT85 per rider. The best lube for Moab. It cleans and lubes in one shot!

Name: Bouy
Date: Sat, Aug 06, 2005, 03:06:24
I live in Moab. I have volunteered for a few years and just gone out and watched for a couple more. I'm thinking it would be fun to offer support.
I could go in early, set up with my tents and camping supplies. I could set up some tables, a ladder to hang a bike on, make a basic shop area. As far as offering mechanical support I could oil a chain but not much more than that. I could make a huge pot of soup, set it up on my homebrew cooker. I could bring gallons of great Moab water, all our coolers. I don't think I'd want to work with a super competative bunch just a fun bunch. My wife will visit, my 5 yr. old son will probably be there most of time, it would be very casual.
All you would have to do is throw your bike, your gear, a sleeping bag and a pillow in your car, drive to Moab, pull up to camp and race.
Does this sound like a good idea? Would teams be interested in this kind of support? I'm curious.

Name: Tirider
Date: Tue, Jul 01, 2003, 11:01:47
After experiencing disaster in WV in 1998 I went to Moab with a new idea. Over the last 5 years it has grown and we've learned a lot. Here is what we do.

4 teams with two "handlers" per team. The handlers keep track of laps, wake riders and help them prepare for their laps (food equip. etc.). Handlers take the rider to the start and pick up the returning rider. We have a tent for a kitchen. The kitchen is staffed by 2 cooks that feed all the riders for all four teams. We also have a tent for mechanics. Two mechanics that care for all the bikes. Moab is always cold so we also have a keeper of the flame. This person keeps a small fire going through the night. Any family members are asked to fill in any gaps that arise during the race. Everyone camps in tents and we form a circular compound with the fire in the middle, kitchen and mechanics tents close to the fire and rider tents around the perimiter.

May sound like a big enterprise but it is quite simple with good volunteers.

Look for "Team Big Butt". If you've raced in Moab you've probably seen us. Who else would wear all black in the desert? It's all about the experience.

Name: Shepdog
Date: Sun, Apr 06, 2003, 00:41:14
SUPPORT CREW?? DOOOAHH!!! Firemen always do everything last minute.

Name: Tweek
Date: Tue, May 28, 2002, 14:41:08
Too bad for you below that you can't find and orginize a crew-you will suffer. Make sure that everyone has a job, they know what that job is, and they get it done. Take care of your wrench monkey-he/she will make your rig work! That is paramount! I've got a monkey and a go fer. Seems to be all I need. I gave the monkey a hammer and the go fer the keys to the truck. The go fer heats up pre-cooked meals, shuttles racers, feeds monkey beer, washes bikes, feeds monkey more beer, go fer dodges hammer that monkey throws, etc. If there is anything else the capt should be able to figure it out then and take care of it.

Name: Haydog
Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2002, 08:18:10
The team capt. has a lot of work to do the months before the race and the day of, so pre-planning is essential. Take care of your support so they can take care of you. But if the capt. gets it all done early-then it should be smooth sailing. Make sure that one of your crew is the designated drunk, but that drunk shouldn't be shuttling racers. Get your commitments early, and maybe even have a back-up or two. Can you tell that you should have a good capt. that gets everything done early as possible? Have the racers go out and help round up some crew members, and then beg a lot too. Good luck!

Name: Robin
Email: Not Available
Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2001, 17:09:32
Definatly is it important to pre-cook meals and to make sure that all riders eat! We had 2 teams and 5 support. I got no sleep so if you want sleep bring more support and take shifts. I found that it really helps riders along if you are there cheering them on. The riders I knew said it helped a lot to know that at the top of "Cub Run", at snowshoe, there were people there to cheer you on and if you need help they would be there. I do believe that you should have people at different points of the race to make sure the riders are OK. OH and if possible be sure to help your riders STRETCH! Just make sure that whether you're a rider or support that you have fun!

Name: cracka
Date: Fri, Apr 20, 2001, 08:56:16
I've been supporting teams at 24hr races for years now, and the most important ingredients are BEER & Fine Herbs! 2-3 people are minimum for a 4 person team. Have all the food prepared beforehand so only reheating is necessary. Seperate duties by mechanic/bike & feeding/clothing.
It is difficult for support to do both bike detail and food detail unless riding conditions are optimal, which is rarely the case. Teams normally need the most support & encouragement after dusk, that is usually when the shit hits the fan. Support should plan on less sleep than the racers, an hour nap before the witching hours 12am - 5am will help you get through the night. The first time I supported, I was up for nearly 36 hours without sleep. After the race I slept for nearly 14 hours straight, missing all the partying my first and second place teams were doing.


Name: alicia
Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2001, 11:00:43
Precook and freeze meals, so as not to over-stress your support crew. They don't get to get out there and have all the fun, so preplanning is essential. Don't expect to find the food you want at any stores close by, unless you get there very early and bring a lot of money. At least two people per team is essential for support, remember they will need to sleep and eat too, it's a big job.

Name: Chris Johnson
Date: Wed, Feb 21, 2001, 11:57:29
Find a good cook,good bike washer, and that's all you need...
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