2012 24 Hours of Moab



Racer: Christopher Nicoletti

Team: Shore/Impact Strength & Perf.

From: Boulder, CO USA

Class: Men's Sport

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Personal Bio:
Chris was born to a rugged set of mongolian nomads. He traipsed around the Gobi desert for the five years of his life, prior to boarding his first airplane to the great state of Colorado. Afterwhich he made it a habit of running to the top of 14,000 foot mountains on a bi-weekly basis until the age of ten. After the first decade of his life, Chris was considered a man and was sent out from his home into the wilderness. Although the Rocky mountains are full of touristy "outdoorsy" people, Chris succeeded in living in a cave and hunting elk until the age of twenty. Chris left for college, got an undergraduate degree from Linfield college, and a masters from Colorado State University where he exceled at Impact evaluation design and econometric analysis. Now he is trying to reduce global poverty by working with NORC at the University of Chicago while living with his wife in their North Boulder Condominium. His current hobbies include, pterodactyl hunting with his father, reading epic poetry, playing soccer, escuchar musica-ing, ultradistance running and studying Arabic.