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2012 24 Hours of Moab


2012 24 Hours of Moab

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Team Class:
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4Life/Mad Dog #3 Fast and Furry Us
[5 Person Men's]

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Team: Ass Over Tea Kettle   #72

From: Duluth, MN USA

Class: 5 Person Men's

Team Theme Song:
Kelly M Elson (Team Captain)
From: Duluth, Minnesota - US
Race Age: 36 (Male)
Brandt W Elson
From: Breezy Point, Minnesota - USA
Race Age: 41 (Male)
Derek E Broten
From: Anoka, Minnesota - USA
Race Age: 40 (Male)
Lou F Laurina (Please read note on accident waiver pending)
From: Breckenridge, Colorado - USA
Race Age: 34 (Male)
Dominic Sciole
From: Dillon, Colorado - USA
Race Age: 40 (Male)
Team Sponsors:
We would not like to sponsor anyone at this time, thanks:)
Team Anecdote:
6th year of Moab and 1 year at Landahl. We are laid back and pretty much a bunch of smart asses. For example, one of my favorite quotes from a teammate while watching another biker: "bikes can go up that?!!"

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NOTE on Pending Accident Waivers

The website will be closed at Midnight on the Wednesday before the race--no online changes can be made after that.

Accident Waivers must be read carefully, filled out completely and signed OR accepted online by the participant. If you are mailing your waiver to us please refer to the pdf waiver for pertinent information about late fees, dates, and mailing addresses.


Granny Gear Productions requires that you (or a legal parent or guardian if you're under 18) sign an Accident Waiver & Release of Liability to be eligible to compete in our events. You have the following options for completing the waiver requirements:

  • Complete your waiver online
    • If your Team Captain (Team Administrator) has entered your personal information with a valid email address (and you are at least 18), they can send you a message with information for submitting an online copy of the release form.

  • Obtain a "hard copy" of the Accident Waiver

If you are a Junior or Choose to use the "Hard Copy," send
(or FAX to: (435) 608-1699) completed hardcopy form to:

    RealTime Scoring
    ATTN: Accident Waiver
    127 Springfield Ave
    Morgantown, WV 26505
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