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2007 EAS 24 Hours of Moab webcast
Women's Solo

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Laps completed 13 Time of report 2:00 p.m.
Jari Kirkland
Jari Kirkland at the finish line
Kirkland Wins Her Second 24 Hours of Moab

After winning by default at Moab last year, Jari Kirkland left no doubt about her victory. After fending off a mid-race attack by Rebecca Rusch, Kirkland stayed strong and upbeat until the end. She arrived at the end of her 14th lap only two minutes after 12 noon. Had she arrived before, the Crested Butte, CO, rider would have had the option to complete a 15th lap, which would have given her the overall solo win. As it was, she finished second overall in the solo field, 39 minutes faster than second placed man Travis Macy.
"It's such a great feeling to race here, this is such a fun event. It was a hard race. This course is hard physically, and technically too. It's sandy and rocky, and the line keeps changing because the sand's moving. You have to play it by ear every lap."
Visibly exhausted after her ride, Kirkland, who was said to have been in her top form for the race, said: "I didn't really want to go that hard, but with those girls behind me I didn't feel like I had much of a choice."
Rebecca Rusch held onto second place, finishing 12 laps in 23:42. "I'm pleased with second place. I hadn't planned to be here, so I wasn't fully prepared for it. I had eight hours of good racing, then I began to feel pretty tired after a long season. I took a nap for a couple of hours. This was more of a fun race for me. It was a nice end-of-year party. That's the main reason I came here," smiled Rusch at the finish.
Lisse Daugard-Gordon moved up from seventh place after nine hours to finish the race in third. "It's all new to me. I'm just excited to be here racing against these guys. It's quite a deal to race with Riva (Rusch) and Jari," said Lisse. This is her third 24-hour mountain bike race. In college she was on the cycling team for road, track, mountain biking and cyclo-cross.

Laps completed 12 Time of report 9:07 a.m.
Kirkland Blasts Off (2)
Not only did Jari Kirkland rebuff the surge of Rebecca Rusch during the night, but she continued so strong that by 9 a.m. she was the second fastest solo rider in the race—men and women. "She's going great, not tired at all. She's feeling real strong. Eatough better not ease up or she'll catch him!" Joked her crew chief, Brett Landin.

Laps completed 7 Time of report 12:31 a.m.
Rebecca RuschRebecca Rusch takes a quick nighttime feed, but soon starts to suffer the fatiguing effects of a long, hard season. Kirkland Pushes Back

"Did I lose more time on that lap?" Rebecca Rusch asked her support crew chief as he passed her a fresh shirt. Todd Byob said five minutes, but Rusch knew she'd let go of more. After working hard to claw back precious seconds from the relentless Jari Kirkland, Rusch was feeling the challenge. The past two laps had seen her gap open back up from five to twelve minutes. Over in the Kirkland camp, they were brimming with confidence. "You'll see Jari maintain this pace, or close to it, for the rest of the race. She's in the best form she's had," said her crew chief, Brett Landin. Kirkland has been racing mountain bikes for five years, after having been a collegiate swimmer.

Laps completed 6 Time of report 9:15 p.m.
Lorenza Menapace
A tired Lorenza Menapace starts her last lap.
Rusch Turns the Screw

Determined and consistent riding by Rebecca Rusch gradually has whittled away the defecit to the Solo Women's leader, Jari Kirkland, from nine down to five minutes. Rusch appears to have been riding an intelligent race. Far from panicking and charging up to the leader, she is gradually chipping away at the lead, taking a minute or two each lap. Kelley Cullen started advancing from fifth place on Lap Three, and at the end of five laps was into third place. The Italian rider, Lorenza Menapace, has been slipping down the ranks and after five laps lay in six positions. According to race director, Laird Knight, she is still tired after winning the 24 Hours of Roma a week ago.

Laps completed 3 Time of report 5:35 p.m.
Problems for Rusch
The second lap brought problems for Rebecca Rusch, who flatted and crashed as a result of the flat, according to her crew chief Todd Byob. This cost Rusch about six minutes and she passed through the timing tent in third place, behind Collier. "She's had a couple of laps of frantic chasing, but things are settling down now. Jari Kirkland is slowing down, and there's a long way to go. Things look good," said Byob. Ending the third lap, Kirkland held a ten minute lead over Rusch. Rebecca Rusch is in her first year of 24-hour racing, and has won the US championships and a big race at Laguna Seca, among others in a highly successful debut season.

Laps completed 1 Time of report 3:35 p.m.
Jari KirklandKirkland in full flight. photo: Xavi Fane
Kirkland Blasts Off

Jari Kirkland started the race showing the class that has carried her to 24-hour victory before. She hit the front of the solo women's field on the first lap, which she completed in a time of 1:24. Ending the first lap she was one minute ahead of her main rival, the adventure racer turned pro mountain biker Rebecca Rusch, and Mary Collier came through third in 1:28. Italy's Lorenza Menapace rode in fourth position, completing her first lap in 1:32.

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