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2007 EAS 24 Hours of Moab webcast
Men's Solo

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Laps completed 13 Time of report 1:00 p.m.
Chris Eatough
Chris Eatough has established himself as the rider to beat in the world of 24 hour mountain biking.
Eatough Wins his first Solo Moab

Chris Eatough of the Trek Volkswagen team convincingly won at his first attempt in the solo class here at Moab. The night-time hours brought great change in the ranks below Chris Eatough, who powered on with such a lead that he was able to finish shortly after 11 a.m. Eatough completed 14 laps in 22:59.
David Harris had been looking good in the early part of the night, but after nine laps he climbed off the bike and quit. "He was just tired," said framebuilder Brendan Collier, who made the frame Harris raced on. "He was crashing a lot, he had trouble pulling his foot out of the pedal," explained Mary Collier, who herself had quit the women's solo race. Relative newcomer Travis Macy took second place, and 24 Hour National Series leader, Rob Lichtenwalner, took third place and sealed his series win.

Laps completed 8 Time of report 12:12 a.m.
Tostado Calls it a Night, Series Down to Two Horse Race
"I just wasn't feeling it," said Josh Tostado, wrapped up warm in a hooded down parka and seated at the trackside watching his erstwhile rivals wheel by into the night. Tostado had said to a journalist before the race that he'd been unwell for a week before the event, and it's only 20 days since his last 24 hour race. Tostado climbed off at his pit area, at the beginning of his seventh lap.
Tostado was expected to move into the lead of the 2007 24 Hour Series, but his withdrawal changes all that. At this time, about halfway through the race, Rob Lichtenwalner, who was riding strong in eighth place at the end of the 7th lap, was doing enough to hold off a series challenge from Ernesto Marenchin, riding in fifth place. Chris Gagnon, another contender, had a poor start and continued in the same vein. But like the race, the series is not over yet.

Laps completed 8 Time of report 11:15 p.m.
Harris Rising
David Harris continued his rise through the ranks, passing Josh Tostado on the sixth lap to move into second behind the relentless Chris Eatough. Eatough seemed to ease his pace by 10 minutes a lap after the first five, but is still riding about 10 minutes a lap faster than Harris. Harris's strategy, according to his support crew, none other than Linda Wallenfells (last year's women's winner here), was to ride a relatively easy pace in the first few laps and then make up time at night. "He makes his own lights and they're brighter than all the others, so he has an advantage at night. He has planned his strategy around this," explained Wallenfells. On lap six, when night fell, it is true that Harris was 10 minutes faster than all of his rivals except Eatough.
At the time of writing it was unclear what had happened to Tostado. He had not come through to complete his seventh lap, and had lost seven places.
Peter Kenyon moved up four places into third spot, with a 1:34 seventh lap. This was faster than all but the mighty Eatough.
night riding
During the long night-time hours, from about 7 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. a good lighting system makes a huge difference.

Laps completed 6 Time of report 7:46 p.m.
Dusk Report
Going into the long night, Chris Eatough continued to extend his lead over Josh Tostado. Eatough passed through six laps in 7:38, at least 14 minutes ahead of Tostado. Up into third place after five laps was David Harris, 32 minutes behind Eatough. Harris completed the first lap in 12th place with a time of 1:18—nine minutes slower than Eatough and Tostado.
Josh Tostado
Josh Tostado held second place secure in the early laps.

Laps completed 3 Time of report 4:35 p.m.
Chris Eatough
Chris Eatough wasted no time going into a solo lead. Photo: Xavi Fane.
Eatough Sets the Pace
Chris Eatough rode with Josh Tostado for the first lap, which they covered in 1:09. Eatough then powered clear to ride solo at the front. Ending the second lap, the gap was four minutes. "Josh is settling in, he's real comfortable," said Ryan Gaul, Tostado's support team chief. Eatough is a multiple world champion at the 24-hour distance and was regarded as the rider to beat coming into this race. Starting his fifth lap, almost nine minutes clear of Tostado, it looks as though Eatough has all the condition he needs to win, but as we have learned, in 24-hour racing a lot can happen after the first five hours.

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