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2007 EAS 24 Hours of Moab webcast
Amateur classes
& General News

General Race Info >>> photos courtesy: Xavi Fane, Paul Skilbeck, Laird Knight

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Series rounds completed 6

Time of report 8:00 p.m. 15 Oct
One of the most surprised and delighted winners of the six-round US 24 Hour National Point Series was Solo Men's winner Rob Lichtenwalner. By staying constant in the second half of the Moab race he surged through the field to claim third place, while both of his main series rivals, Josh Tostado and Ernest Marenchin, faded with Tostado quitting the race halfway through and Marenchin earning only five points. Lichtenwalner led the series going into the final, but with big hitters Tostado and Marenchin also competing at Moab, he did not fancy his chances. "I was thinking I'd get third for the series," he beamed at the awards ceremony. "When I heard those guys had dropped back or quit, I rode safe and made sure I did not have a dnf result. I've ridden kind of steady throughout the series. Everybody's exhausted by this point, but I was still surprised that Josh and Ernesto would let go like that. There was a lot of money on the line today," said Lichtenwalner.

The riders' final placing in the six-race series is determined by aggregating their best three results. Holly Forsyth had the women's series all but won after Round 4, the 24 Hours of Killington.
With two first places and a second, her lead was
Rob LichtenwalnerLichtenwalner dislays his series winner's tropy.
unassailable. Ericka Tieszen, who finished fourth at Moab, actually won the 24 Hours of Conyers, beating Forsyth into second place, but Tieszen was unable to compete again until Moab. She took second place in the series.

The Coed Pro/Am class was won by the Velo Bellas & Mammoth Fellas team, with wins at Round One, Vail Lake, CA, and Round Three, Big Bear, WV, and seventh place at Moab.
The Mini Mammoth team won the Duo Pro class with wins at Vail Lake, Conyers and Round Five, Landahl, KS.

Series director, Laird Knight, was delighted about the way it went this year, saying, "The completion of the second annual 24 Hour National Point Series is the culmination of a very, very successful year. Solo riders and teams are seeing this as an incredible adventure in mountain bike racing, and they're highly motivated to earn the title of the most consistent 24-hour racer in the USA. That's a huge accolade in any language. Furthermore, the series format gives great season-long exposure to the athletes' sponsors, and it provides a strong focal point for the cycling media. I'm very, very excited by the response I've seen this year to the series. It all bodes very well indeed for next year."

Laps completed 19 Time of report 2:00 p.m. 14 Oct
Top Amateurs Make Their Mark
Two of the most prodigeous teams in the race overall (19 laps apiece) came from the ranks of supremely talented amateurs. The single-speed Jack Mormon Militia team of Jason Asay, Chucky Gibson, Josh Wolfe, and Tim Allen, and the MonaVie/Cannondale Veterans four person team of Matt Ohran, Isaac Wilson, Todd Hanneman, and Kyle Mears placed second and third fastest overall, respectively, out of all the categories.
Todd Hanneman, riding for the MonaVie/Cannondale vets team, had briefly raced as a pro cross country rider back in the early Nineties, and clearly has not lost his edge - particularly in the longer distances. That said, he was humble in his team's success. "We had no idea we'd be up this high. We were solely focused on the vets class," he said while waiting to exchange into action.

As for the single-speeders, well those guys just keep on coming, wave after wave, and humility is not one of their vices. "We secretly, deep in our hearts, weren't afraid to win. Last year we were leading overall before they stopped the race due to the conditions. Granted, there are pros here this year that weren't here last year, but we're not afraid of those guys. Not one little bit," stated a

Jack Mormon, Chucky Gibson
Jack Mormon, Chucky Gibson

confident, if tired Chucky Gibson after a hard pull.

Laps completed Not applicable Time of report 8:55 p.m.

Youth Power at Moab
With the pros and the amateur teams safely out on the course doing battle in their various classes, the really serious racing got underway (sans soccer moms) on a tight circuit around the prodigious EAS tent in the center of the tent village. It was, of course, the EAS 24 Minutes of Moab. Parents stood back and gasped as the young children took to the dirt and showed how much more they get up to when out at play than their parents maybe realize. Race categories were 6 and Under, 7-8, 9-10, and 11 and Up. Kids were advised to appreciate their rivals and above all have fun. And with those sage words, the mountain biking youth let rip.

6 year-old Olivia Massey shows an impressive turn of speed in the 6-and-Under race.
  alex-eyring7 year-old Alex Eyring hits the front on the final lap in the 7-8 years class.
podium kids
A good time was had by all; every child was a winner. All were invited onto the podium.

Laps completed1 Time of report 1:35 p.m.
Travis Brown

Travis Brown Returns to Moab
Travis Brown, US cross country national champion and Olympic team member, now retired from the pro racing circuit, returned to Moab after a hiatus of a few years. "I'm officially a test rider for Trek now. Testing bikes and equipment in the race setting is the most rigorous test of all, and for me it's a lot of fun. It's made racing fun all over again!" He said. The conditions on course this year are softer than Brown recalled from his last race at Moab. "It's the sandiest I've seen it, which means it should be a little bit slower this year." Brown came to Moab with a group of friends to ride in the Just for Fun class.

race start
Race start, Le Mans style

Teams, Riders and Laps
385 teams comprising 1340 of mountain biking's hardiest riders started off on the first 14.5-mile lap of many. As usual, the race began with a LeMans style start, with a 400-yard run before hopping on bicycles. This thins out the field a little and presents riders with a choice? Do they go flat out in the run and start cycling will legs full of lactic acid, but in a good position near the front, or do they take it a bit easy and work their way up through the field? You choose what you'd do...

Behind the scenes
Men's Solo
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Coed Pro/Am
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General race reports
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