Dear 24 Hour Racers & Fans,
I've heard from racers about rumors that the 24 Hours of Moab is going to be cancelled. This simply isn't the case. That said, team registrations for this year are on-par with last year, if not slightly behind. The registrations between now and the race make all the difference. Now is the time. Get signed-up and make the most of it. Here's the link:

Lot's of folks are hoping for a rally to get our numbers back, close to 300 teams. It could still happen with a flurry of September registrations.

Optimism aside, it's looking like this year will be the last race. It's been a fun, 17-year ride. Lots of challenges, lots of victories, lots of friendships, lots of memories. This year's event is going to be bitter-sweet for me but I'm looking forward to putting on a great show, as usual. I'm really going to soak it in. I hope you'll get to soak it in, too.

Don't miss this year's race. If it's on your bucket list, register now and make sure you check it off! If you've been there and done that, well, you know how much fun it is. Definitely worth bagging one more! Start calling you teammates and make it happen. You'll be glad you did as you crest the hill and feel the elation of that last, primo, pre-dawn lap!

The More the Merrier!
A little help from your friends:
Know some folks who have already signed up? Get in touch with them. Yesterday I sent all current registrants a discount code to give out to their friends.

You can paste the code in at the bottom of the first page of registration and it will roll-back the current pricing to something very close to the last price break.

Let's Race!
We're still looking at upwards of 800 racers, rocking one of the most spectacular mountainbike courses on the planet! It's going to be a great race!

More to come in upcoming e-mails...

Here's to You!
Over the course of thirty years as a mountainbike race promoter, I have always been impressed with the gritty, tough, fun-loving character of my fellow mountain bikers. It's why I've always been a mountain bike race promoter. I enjoy the company of great folks like you and enjoy being of service, producing great events and great fun for your racing pleasure.

Can't wait to see everyone in Moab!

Kindest regards, good health and good rides!

-Laird Knight, Race Director
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