The 17th Annual 24 Hours of Moab...
Don't Miss Mountain Biking's Homecoming!

For high-schools and universities across the country, October is a time of homecoming, a gathering time for both old-timers and freshmen, a time of nostalgia and story-telling, and, of course, the "homecoming game", an event full of import and excitement.

24 Hours of Moab has become the de-facto homecoming game for mountain bike racing with hundreds of teams returning, year-on-year, to recount memories of the past with the excitement and anticipation of the events at hand, the memories in the making. It's by our experiences together, our stories and memories that we truly enrich our lives.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

If you haven't registered yet. The time is now. Heed this call-to-action, assemble your team and start looking forward to the memories and experiences that you will enjoy together.

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For the nearly 200 teams that have already signed-up, good on you! Read-on for some of the most recent developments for this year's race. And, thanks for coming! We're really grateful for your support and for all the enthusiasm and excitement that you bring to the race.

BBC Worldwide to Feature Ben Fogle at 24 Hrs of Moab:
Renowned adventure journalist Ben Fogle will be tackling the 24 Hours of Moab on a Duo Open team while the BBC will be documenting his experience on their new program, Ben's Year of Adventures. This Observational Documentary series will challenge Ben Fogle to test his endurance, abilities and determination in various adventures around the world. Each adventure will be designed to push Ben to the limits. The 24 Hours of Moab has earned a spot on the show alongside crossing the Via Ferrata in Italy, Swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco in the US, diving beneath a glacier in Iceland and taking on a 1000km car rally in Australia among many other challenges.

Clcik here to read about Ben Fogle

Not All Show
The show is not all, well, show. Ben and the BBC are particularly keen to place Ben's challenges in a historical or geographical context and promote sustainable adventure in environmentally fragile areas - s
tressing the importance of conservation and preservation. For Moab and the high-desert ecosystems of the Western U.S., this will provide world-wide education about the nature of fragile crypto-biotic soils and the importance of staying on-trail as a component of the leave-no-trace ethic.

Ben's Year of Adventures will be aired on BBC Worldwide in 2012 and will likely be aired in the U.S. in due time. We'll certainly let you know when it's due to air in the US.

Support Crew Needed!
Want to be a part of the action? Ben and his teammate are going to need support-crew. All the usual support-crew roles will be needed, team manager, cooks/feed station, mechanic, masseuse, etc. The BBC producers are looking for experienced, energetic, non-camera-shy people who are willing to volunteer to become part of Ben's team. (Talk about memorable experiences!) If you are game for Ben's support crew, contact Associate Producer, Tom Payne at <>

T-shirt Deadline Extended
Last week, due to a glitch with our credit-card processing company, folks were not able to register online for about five days. So, we're extending the FREE T-shirt registration deadline.
Clcik here to go to 24 Hours of Moab Registration
Teams that sign-up after the the September 22nd deadline will receive a coupon that will allow them to purchase a commemorative T-shirt for 50%-off ($10), whlie-supplies-last.

Why the deadline? In the past, we've had to over-order T-shirts because as teams have been signing-up later and later, there's been no way for us to estimate the final count. It's expensive and wasteful (after 16 years, we have accumulated upwards of a hundred dozen T-shirts in storage). This year, we're going to order enough for registered teams plus a certain amount for retail. Of course we'll have our usual limited supply of hats, sweats, kids and ladies item, too.

Sign-up soon! Everyone who registers in the next week will get their commemorative T-shirt in their goodie-bag.

The CamelBak Hydration Station Comes Back for 2011!
After a one-year hiatus, the Folks at CamelBak are psyched to be back supporting the 24 Hours of Moab with the round-the-clock, rock-till-you-drop CamelBak hydration station.

Located between miles 10 and 11, CamelBak's hydration station comes at the perfect time in your lap for both spiritual and hydrological sustenance.They'll be cranking the tunes and passing out water and encouragement to all who need it.

Granny Gear sends a big "Welcome Back!" to Doug Kahl and his crew! Enjoy the race!

24 Hours of Facebook:
Moab 2011 - The Official Facebook Site
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Join Granny Gear on Facebook! Starting this year, each year, we'll make a new site for each race. It will be a great place to share photos, share stories, and be part of the conversation. Plus, you can post questions and get the latest updates.

Be a friend of the race and pass the word.

Just a few tidbits to get things started. More to come as we gear-up for the 17th Annual 24 Hours of Moab. Get riding!!!

Happy Trails,

-Laird Knight, Race Director
& all the fine folks at:

PS: Family update - 2011
We call it the "Door-knob Photo". It's a family tradition to take the kids' picture at the door on their first day of school.

I still can't afford to bring the whole family to the race for a vacation but hey, in a few years I can put 'em all to work!

They're eager mountain bikers (and superb soccer players). I know their eyes will go wide the first time they do get to Moab. I'm definitely looking forward to that day.

They keep growing and growing!
(mouse-over the image and see) They just grow and grow!

Check out their height measured against the window-panes.
Helen (10), Rediet (10) and Abel (8), standing at the door before their first day of school in 2009 and (in the roll-over image) going to their first day of middle school in 2011 (now 13, 13 and 11).

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