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Dear 24 Hour Race Fans,

Granny Gear has organized two trail work weekends for folks who want to help get the course in shape for this year’s race, make some new friends and have fun in the process. Trail Work Weekend #1 is April 26th-28th and Trail Work Weekend #2 is May 3rd-5th at Silver Creek Resort, in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

We’ve capped the number of volunteers to 60 per weekend. We have limited lodging, so it’s definitely first come, first served. If you plan to attend, please email your reply to us or fax it to (304)259-5596 by April 20th. Please list the names and arrival date(s) of everyone coming with you. Your ideas on how to improve the trail work effort will be greatly appreciated, so let us know. They really do make a difference. If you need to speak with us, call (304)259-5533.


LODGING: We’d like to thank all the folks at Snowshoe for providing awesome accommodations! We will be staying at The Inn at Snowshoe (much nicer than any bunkhouse!). Just RSVP to Granny Gear, and we’ll handle the reservations. All rooms are double occupancy. Once you arrive at The Inn, you will be asked to give your credit card number as a deposit. You will not be charged unless you make calls from your room, order room service or if damage occurs.

ARRIVAL: Friday, April 26th or Friday, May 3rd at The Inn at Snowshoe: It is located on Rt. 66, just before the entrance to Snowshoe Mountain. From Rt. 219, turn East on to Rt. 66, The Inn is on the left (across from Old Spruce Realty). From Rt. 66 through Cass, The Inn will be on the right (you’ll pass the Snowshoe entrance).You may also check in on Friday or Saturday morning at The Inn and you’ll drive 5-10 minutes to Silver Creek Resort for trail work. We’ll meet for dinner on Friday night (location TBD) and will work all day on Saturday and half day Sunday. If you can work Friday, please call for special arrangements. If you can’t come the whole time, just come when you can.

WEATHER: It may be warm where you live, but you are on your way to the Allegheny mountains and there’s still snow on the ground here. Bring clothes for all weather conditions, including rain and/or snow.

WORK BEGINS: You can have breakfast between 7-8 a.m. at Brandi’s Restaurant located on the first floor of The Inn. At 8 a.m., we’ll gather in the Meeting Room at The Inn, plan our day, discuss safety issues, make our lunches and be on our merry way! Immediately following the meeting, we’ll caravan to Silver Creek parking lot for trail work. If you are coming from far away and will be running late, just look for the Granny Gear staff at the Silver Creek Lodge area. If you have lots of energy left after the day’s work, plan on a group ride!

TOOLS: Everyone should bring work gloves and at least 1 tool. Borrow them from your pals if you have to. Shovels are good, but we also need hand saws, rock bars, picks and mattocks. Please write or tape your name on your tools. If you have carpentry skills, let us know and bring your hammer as well. Be sure to pack sturdy boots, long pants, sun screen, protective eyewear, rain gear and your hydration system.

LUNCH: We’ll supply brown bag lunch fixin’s on Saturday and Sunday. We will be dining on PB&J and Oreos, too!

DINNER: You are on your own. Brandi’s Restaurant will be open at The Inn; Stellar Coffee will be open at the top of Snowshoe Mountain. Elihu's, near the Inn, will be open and just down the road a bit is Elk Mountain Outfitters; they’ll be open for dinner May 4th.

RSVP: When you RSVP, we are interested to know a few things such as: Have you ever participated in trail maintenance work before? Preference will be given to those volunteers who have worked with
Granny Gear in the past. Are you a member of any club or organization that logs trail hours? Would you be willing to be a crew chief, if needed? Do you have any special skills related to trail work?

If you plan to attend, please email your reply to <> or fax it to (304)259-5596 by April 15th. Don’t forget to list the names and arrival date(s) of everyone coming with you. We ask that volunteers be at least 18 years old. When you arrive at the trail work weekend, you will complete an Emergency Contact form, so please bring contact information for two people (including their weekend phone numbers) that you can provide for us. Please let Granny know if you have any special medical condition that we should be aware of.

CANCELLATION: If you need to cancel, please call us and let us know as soon as possible. We understand that “things come up,” but if a confirmed team of four doesn’t show, that’s an entire work crew for the weekend. Plus, since we only have space for 60 volunteers per weekend, we’d like to let someone else take your place if you aren’t able to attend.

SNOWSHOE PET POLICY: Snowshoe Mountain Resort does not allow pets on the premises. Please make other arrangements for Fido and Fluffy.

If you have any questions, call Cheryl at (304)259-5533. Thanks in advance for all your help. We’ll see you at Snowshoe. Happy Trails!

P.S. Granny would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who participated in last year’s Trail Maintenance Weekends, as well as volunteers from previous years at Snowshoe and Canaan.
Someone once said, “Nothing makes the world so small as to have friends at a distance” (or something like that). Well, the world just keeps getting smaller for us. Everyone at Granny Gear Productions is looking forward to seeing old friends again and making new ones.

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