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New Coed Pro Class Created
Jan. 1, 1999

The Coed Pro/Am class will consist of 2 men and 2 women only. This class replaces the Men's Pro and Women's Pro/Expert classes, and competes for the cash purse.

Davis, WV - Team racing has proved the popularity of coed racing. In the original 24 Hours of Canaan, Granny Gear Productions saw an opportunity to involve more women in the competitive side of the sport by creating the 5-Person Open Class in which teams are required to have at least one women on the team. This mixed-gender class has proved to be extremely popular. It is the second largest class at all of GGP's 24 hour team relay races.

More recently, GGP introduced the Coed Open 4, an open class that requires 2 men and 2 women. It was the increasing popularity of this class at both Canaan and Moab that inspired GGP to merge the Men's Pro and Women's Pro divisions into one pro/open class, the Coed Pro/Am.

"The Coed Pro/Am is going to dramatically raise the stock-in-trade for elite women racers," said Laird Knight, President of Granny Gear Productions, Inc. "We've been discussing this change with several of our elite racers, both men and women. The response has been very positive. As word has gotten out, teams have already been scrambling to secure the top-ranked women racers. It's good to showcase mountain bike racing as a coed sport. It's good for the growth of the sport. It's good for women's racing and it's good for Granny Gear's races. I think this will draw bigger names to 24 hour racing. And, the added twist of having big name pros racing on coed teams, will garner added media attention as well," Knight said.

The Coed Pro/Am will be racing for a $20,000 cash purse at the 24 Hours of Canaan. A $15,000 purse will be offered at the 24 Hours of Moab and a $5,000 purse will be awarded at GGP's newest venue, The 24 Hours of Donner Pass, in Norden, CA, near Lake Tahoe.

Specific rule changes, as follows, have been implemented to prevent the men from bagging most of the laps:

Lap Requirements for Coed Pro/Am

#24. For the Coed Pro/Am teams, there can be no more than two laps difference between the teammate(s) with the least number of laps and the teammate with the most number of laps. A one lap penalty will be applied for each teammate who does not stay within two laps of the teammate with the most laps. For example, a team that logged 20 laps with 1-5-7-7 laps, respectively, would incur a one lap penalty for the teammate with 1 lap, as he or she is more than two laps behind the teammates with seven laps. By the same token, a team that logged 20 laps with 0-4-7-9 laps, respectively, would incur a two lap penalty, one for the teammate with 0 laps and one for the teammate with 4 laps, as they are both more than two laps behind the teammate with nine laps.

Date for the three races in the 24 Hour Race Series are:

The 24 Hours of Canaan, Timberline Four Seasons Resort, Davis, WV: June 5th & 6th The 24 Hours of Donner Pass, Donner Ski Ranch, Norden, CA: August 7th & 8th The 24 Hours of Moab, Behind the Rocks, Moab, UT: October 9th & 10th Returning sponsors include: Newsweek, BIKE Magazine, NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems, The American Lung Association, and Cane Creek Cycling Components.


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