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24 Hours of Moab

Registration is open for the 2012 24 Hours of Moab. If you have a team in search of a racer OR if you are a racer in search of a team, post a message here and check out the messages left by others. GREEN text for teams in search of racers. BLUE text for racers in search of teams. Let us know if you found your racer or team and we will remove your posting(s). Please use the message boards for team/racer searches only.

Essam Welch (12/05/2015)
Men's Expert
Racer In Search of Team
Steamboat, CO
Day: 9707576455   Evening: 9707576455
Ready for 2016!
Dreaming please do not wake me up…

chasemartin (04/22/2015)
Just For Fun
Racer In Search of Team
Los Angeles, CA
Day: 9546790389   Evening: 9553890476
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jorge rios (12/18/2012)
Men's Sport
Racer In Search of Team
mission, Texas
Day: 9562991125   Evening: 9562991125
looking for a team to join

Martin (12/12/2012)
Men's Solo
Racer In Search of Team
Paris, FR
Day: na   Evening: na
Miss you Granny!

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